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VSync related crashes

Question asked by zaex on Feb 25, 2019

For several months I have been having weird issues possibly tied to VSync.  For the longest time without Vsync on rainbow six siege I wasn't receiving any problems, all of a sudden an update came out for it and It was unplayable... The game would be completely lag free for like 5 seconds at the beginning of each round and then would get horrible weird lag.  Not network lag or anything, but my mouse would stutter my aim really badly and mouse would move slow.  I turned vsync on and problem was fixed no problem... Didn't think twice about it. At this time I had a 60Hz monitor.  Move on to Apex Legends. Horrible crashing every game. No error or anything, game instantly just closes.  It would freeze for like 2 seconds and drop. Turned Vsync on, off, different modes, nothing, updated drivers to new apex legends drivers, nothing.  I tried a million and one fixes and still crashed intermittenly, usually when I am flying down.  Then I saved a config file to force my FPS below 60 frames and it would crash FAR less often.  Like it used to be every game, then it was like 1 every 20.  Fast forward, I am thinking it has everything to do with vsync and my trash refresh rate.  Got a new monitor today, 144Hz refresh rate.  (Didn't get it to just fix this problem, wanted a third monitor). Instant crashes on apex legends now with 144hz enabled.   No 2 seconds lockup anymore it just drops instantly, and its about every other game.  I did a test run in Rainbow Six siege and the old problem was back and no amount of vsync on or off was fixing it. This monitor is also amd freesync enabled and a variety of that on or off doesn't fix the issue.

I also understand that Apex Legends has been receiving a crapload of complaints of crashes.   I think however, my particular issue is AMD related.