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System randomly freezing waking up from monitor off/sleep mode.

Question asked by malcolmj on Feb 25, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2019 by nicocat

This issue is driving me mad, I can't work out what the source of the problem is but I suspect it's a GPU driver (hopefully not a hardware) issue. 


The PC will randomly freeze when waking the screen up (usually by wiggling the mouse) and won't respond even to pressing the power or rest buttons. I have to turn it off by the mains, which isn't ideal. On occasion it's frozen while the PC's still running and the monitor's still on. 


I've tried updating all my drivers, uninstalling and re-installing the Radeon driver, uninstalling recent programmes like AI Suite, GPU Tweak and RGB Fusion, running every systems and RAM check I can find and nothing's indicating a problem. I downloaded WhoCrashed but that shows nothing. It's a brand new PC build, all the components are new and I've double checked all the connections. The EVGA SuperNOVA G3 1000W Modular 80+ Gold should be more than adequate, case temperatures never appear to be excessive. The monitor itself is a new 


The only hint I have is the old "Default Radeon Wattman settings have been restored due to an unexpected systems failure" that pops up when the PC restarts. Could that be causing the problem? I really hope it's not a duff card but it's been tricky since I've had it.  


I'm not a tech pro I've attached a DXDiag that might be useful.