Jive Help links broken

Discussion created by gc9 on Feb 25, 2019
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Links to Jive Help are broken.  Currently they point to


I'm not sure, but maybe "ext" should be "int" so they point to

Core Help 

However, that is help for the full product, and only a small subset is enabled on this site.  So maybe it should point to a page with links to the enabled features.   Or maybe just the content editor page.

Using a Jive Community / Getting More Out of Content / Getting More Out of Discussions and Questions / Using the Content Editor 

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(Dedicated users might also be interested in pages for
Using a Jive Community / Reference and Advanced Topics / Using Email or
Using a Jive Community / Reference and Advanced Topics / How do I Subscribe to a Feed )


The broken links are in two places I've noticed:


1At bottom of page:

2In menu at top right of page:


In both cases I get


Not Found

The requested URL /cloud_ext/end_user/jive.help.core was not found on this server.


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