Random Crash - simple geo 2.79b RPR 1.8.258

Discussion created by gelert on Feb 25, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2019 by arozghon

MBP15 2017 i7 3.1 with 560 Radeon Pro 4GB GPU


Modelled something really simple - a sphere (that simple!). Assigned four materials to some vertices.


Literally fired up Rendered Mode to have a first "test" look at the model in the viewport using RPR.


Wasn't what I intended so I pressed Shift-Z to stop the Rendered mode to fix the material assignments on the model but... instant crash.


Logs and file attached but I suspect it doesn't crash for anyone else. I bet if I load it up again it won't crash for me.


This is what happens all the time for me.


I do hope the random crashing issue can be located. This particular model of MBP seems to be extremely unstable with RPR. 


I hope the logs help somehow?