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Vega Frontier Edition Fan limited to 2000 RPM, wattman resetting to default

Question asked by cleffy on Feb 23, 2019

Main Issue: Computer shuts off from overheating.

Secondary Issue: Global Wattman settings keep resetting without a message.

Driver: Gaming Driver 18.9.3

CPU: AMD Ryzen 1700x first SKU

Memory: 4x8 GB Corsair Dominator DDR4 @2400mhz

Motherboard: MSI X370 Titanium


Description: In the last month my system has developed 2 issues. First my GPU shuts off from overheating and the fan never fully kicks on. Second if I don't set my CPU affinity to use half my CPU cores, the screen will lockup. I am fairly certain the GPU is experiencing an overheating issue as changes in Wattman make the system stable. I changed my settings in Wattman to go up to 4000 RPM fanspeed, target temp 70c, and power limit -30%. However these changes seem to reset on their own without a system message. I am also not using software like MSI afterburner. The only other notable thing to happen in the last month was an update to Windows 10 Game Mode.