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Why is the Vega Frontier have no support from amd

Question asked by darkangel on Feb 22, 2019
Latest reply on May 28, 2020 by blazethgelight

I am a person that loves to 3d model and create things just for fun. But when i try to put the things i made into a game and test it to see if it runs will with the Amd's gaming driver I am hit with a huge Fu** Y**. The vega frontier has not recive a gaming driver update in 4 months and when i try to contact amd they just say i dont know. I can't optimize my projects to work with the newest Amd gaming driver because they will not let me access it with my vega fe. I have never seen this sort of "support" from Nvidia. Amd just stop caring i guess, will be going Nvidia or intel next time, thx for the lesson Amd.