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Horrible performance in CSGO

Question asked by anatiko on Feb 22, 2019

So about a week ago I bought a new PC and noticed that CSGO runs pretty bad 100 FPS at 1080p low (I knew it should run way better with my specs)


AMD Ryzen 7 2700

G.SKILL 16 KIT (8GBx2)

SILENTIUMPC Vero L2 Bronze 600W


Deepcool Tesseract


SAPPHIRE NITRO+ RX 580 8GB Special Edition

WD Desktop Blue WD10EZEX 1TB


At first I thought that it was a problem with my PC I tried instaliing AMD drivers and actually I fixed the FPS, It went up to stable 300. Then after some time it randomly got ruined again. I did the whole driver thing again and again. It didn't work then I did a clean install of drivers and it solved the issue AGAIN. Then it was about time I got some new games (R6 and apex legends) those games ran completely fine (as they should with my specs) I got 150FPS on medium/high on R6 & 150FPS on low/medium on apex. I didn't play Cs for like 4 days. And then today I launched cs noticed that my FPS is at 100 again for some reason. I read some articles and found this fix

it actually worked and I got my stabble 300FPS on 1080p low again. But then it just my fps got destroyed again. And now I'm back at 100FPS again.



1)FPS in apex and R6 hasn't changed at all since I got those games

2)R6 and apex are running according to benchmarks of my specs Cs is NOT

( I get 130-150FPS)

3)I have some friends that have way weaker PC's and they all run Cs better but that's not the case in other games

4)R6 and apex are WAY heavier games and require much much more computing power than Cs does. It makes no sense that r6 runs better at medium/high than cs does on low at the same resolution

CSGO benchmark with similar specs ( my rx 580 is 8gb SE version & I have ryzen 7 2700 not ryzen 7 1700)


If I can provide some information that could help me fix this issue please say so


Miaby someone else has a similar problem and or knows how to fix it. Help would be greatly apreciated.