Stuttering in games, high fps

Discussion created by chippyz on Feb 22, 2019
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I recently bought RX 590 2 months ago. But when I play games my screen would just turn off and I had to hard reset my computer. Got a new PSU(SeaSonic Focus Plus Platinum 750w), and it was still happening I took my computer to a shop/service and he did some cable management,blew the a little dust I had in there and it was running fine, but same thing happened when I got home so we figured out it was an hdmi to vga adapter. Got a new monitor, the problem was fixed, but no, all of my games at random intervals 1h-5h just shuts down aka crashes to desktop, I reinstalled windows and that is fixed yaay. Then I download a couple games, I have high FPS but all of them are stuttering, in some games vsync helps, in some it makes it worse. And FreeSync makes it go away but not entirely, in CS:GO i get stutter every 1-3 minutes while my fps stays at locked 74. And even browser games, smooth 10 seconds and then stutter 2-3 seconds and smooth again.


What I tried so far:

 FreeSync - works but just a little bit

VSync - | | -

Disabling HDCP


Different HDMI cable

Getting an SSD

Reseating GPU and RAM

Checking temps(GPU: 40-75, CPU: 40-60)

Reinstalling windows couple times

Messing around BIOS

Frame skipping test


My Specs:

GPU: RX 590
CPU: i5 4460
MB: GA-H97-D3H
SSD: Intel 545s 512GB
RAM: 1x8GB 1600MHz HyperX
PSU: SeaSonic 750W Focus Plus Platinum