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questions about the Radeon Pro WX 9100

Question asked by demesmaeker on Feb 22, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2019 by fsadough

Hi there. At my work we are going to create a room with 6 projectors, connected to a Windows 10 computer with a graphical card. Together, it will be one big panorama video that we are showing.

All my collegues said "go for ... (other brand name)", but just looking at specifications leads me to an:
Ati Radeon Pro WX 9100.

I have a few simple questions that I hope that someone can answer.

1) I need one big desktop. I mean, that if you look in Windows display settings, that every monitor is not a separate "screen", but that all the screens together form 1 big screen. Windows sees of course all the others, but the software creates 1 big screen (Not extended!)
I explain it, just to be on the safe side : The start menu is on the most left projection and the date and time on the most right part of the projection. All the projections  in between do not have a start button/date-time
Every brand gives this technology a different name. Intel calls it "Collage Display Mode"
Does this card also have support for this? (I have to be sure before I buy).
What is the name? (so I can google pictures)

2) If I record or stream a file from a INSTA360 camera, the output stream is H264.
If I look at the specs of the WX 9100, I see that it has native support for H265. Does this mean, that the main processor in the computer will take over the decompression and does the WX 9100 GPU then nothing? or do they work together?

3) 3d party software on the same computer demands direct X11 (I cannot see if it means :"at least, direct X 11). Is the WX 9100 also backwards compatible with directX 11?

4) How can I be sure that the WX 9100 fits in a desktop that I am going to buy? (Dell or HP)
I needs to be able to have 230 W extra for just the card of course, but will it fit length wise in any desktop of a normal size?

5) What does AMD mean with dual slot. Does it actually needs 2 x PCI Express 3.0 x16 ? or do they mean that it takes the space of two slots?

Any answer is appreciated! These are things that are not that easy to google


Friendly greetings,