dxgkrnl.sys crashing my laptop nitro 5 an515-41

Discussion created by d1stru3t0r on Feb 20, 2019
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(https://imgur.com/a/zRhz05hThis causes my laptop to crash almost EVERY time i let it idle for 5 minutes, or if i'm doing light work with it. I can't copy a file for more than 5 minutes, i can't browse reddit, can't really do alot. But when i'm playing I have no problems, i can play 5 hours with no problem. Problem appear even if i'm plugged in. I installed 19.1.1 with DDU, but I had this problem on every drivers. I have latest BIOS/WIndows 10 version, every driver up to date. Does someone know how could I fix this problem ?


Maybe it's because Acer didn't updated its nitro 5 an515-41 bios since long time ago? Can someone contact a developer so he can hopefully fix it with a bios update or something ? RIght now my laptop is unusable because of this.


atikmdag.sys + 6b388
dxgkrnl.sys + 3a790
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