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Blender 2.80 - RPR 2.0.1 Beta, Viewport preview through camera is always centered

Question asked by daquteness on Feb 20, 2019

As the title states, rendering in viewport preview through camera always keep the render centred, even if geometry is in another place. Simple zoom in/out will quickly reveal the issue.



Exiting camera view will render correctly 



Simple scene attached, all materials and lights are converted to RPR 2.0.1 for Blender 2.80.


Please let me know if you need more info.


System specs (don't shoot the messenger, this is the office PC, wasn't my call ) - i7 7700K / 32GB Ram / GTX 970 / Windows 7; Also happened on the home workstation and that one is 2990WX / 2x Vega FE / 1xWX9100 / Win10.