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amd radeon rx 570 dont show bios

Question asked by panosmad on Feb 20, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2019 by goodplay

i recently plugged a gpu into my pc and after doing this bios wont show up in boot everytime..i went to system configuration and checked normal startup.
still after this bios didnt show up and selective startup was re-checked automatically..[connected to tv-monitor-->( gpu-hdmi-hdmi to vga-vga-monitor)]
any other solutions?
***BIOS show up normally after booting from motherboard to monitor's VGA cable


My specs:
msi b350m bazooka
amd ryzen 3 2200g
corsair vengeance lpx 8 gb 3000Mhz
wd 1 tb
kingston ssdnow 120gb
msi radeon rx 570 8gb
evga 600w