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Is it safe to install AMD Radeon R7 M265 driver on Windows 7 x64 ?

Question asked by mlrs on Feb 20, 2019

Hi ! Everyone, hope all is good out there in the world !


Just wanted to confirm if it is safe to download/install @AMD R7 M265 driver on Windows 7 x64 (because previously i installed same driver on Windows 8.1 & 10, but Windows 10 gave BSOD ''THREAD STUCK IN DEVICE DRIVER" and Windows 8.1 on application launch gives "Application blocked from accessing Graphics Hardware" & "Display driver AMD stopped responding & has recovered" errors...


Tried all Crimson & Catalyst drivers...



Hence, I am willing to revert back to Windows 7 x64 ! 



Any help will be appreciated.


Thanks & Regards,