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RX580 4GB Default settings and overall performance

Question asked by -hype_x7 on Feb 19, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2019 by goodplay

In the past days I started playing with the AMD software open to keep an eye in my graphics card performance, mainly its temperature and the fans responsiveness to it. I remember that before, there used to be 2 sliders that let me define the average temperature for the card to go for, I think, and another for the max temperature, but I can't see them anymore, though that's not my issue.
I play with all the default settings, but since this is the first time ever tinkering with this, I don't know what the normal behaviour should be. For example, what made me come here to these forums and ask this right now was Overwatch. I'm playing on Ultra settings, borderless, perfectly fine at 59-60 fps. It rarely has any microstutters (which by the way is a whole another issue I have with almost every other game, so if anyone can say anything about it I'd really appreciate, for example Overwatch on Ultra at 60fps and League of Legends on Very High at 60fps, with random frequent stuttering 55, 57, 58 fps and in teamfights I might drop to ~45). Back to the thing at hand, with these settings the in-game temperature can be from between 72ºC to 75-77º, something around that. But on the menu, Overwatch has a problem that makes the GPU usage really high for no reason and the temperature just keeps rising. It reached 83º and I don't even know if it would be any higher than that. My issue is that the fan (ventilator as it says on the software??, don't know) keeps a rather passive behaviour. I mean when it was at around 78º and rising, the rpm's would be at 1600, 1700, but when the Temp. stabilized at 83, the rpm's would remain at 1600 and below. What I'm worried about is that the default settings would let the Temperature reach very high levels, comparing to what I saw in other forums and websites when people say that they play with temperatures below 70ºC and say that 75º is already pretty high. But then I also read somewhere that these temps I have can be considered "normal" or acceptable with this card.
So, the questions I have are:
- Are these temperatures really acceptable and I shouldn't worry that much?
- Are these default settings any reliable at all and there is no problem in keeping them?
I apologize for the big text, but this is the first time I come to the AMD forums and I'm really paranoid about my PC. I have it for almost a year (two more weeks to go) and it worked perfectly fine for a couple months and then the performance was never the same. It was sent to the HP people in Spain I think (I'm form Portugal) but it was pretty much the same. The only difference was that the blue screens I had, like 1-2 per month (yes, ridiculous) were corrected but the frame rate remained the same. The irony is that the most demaning games, Overwatch, Witcher 3, Apex Legends can run at 60fps almost at all times and others like LoL as I said before, even Sunless Sea that any potato can run have stutters the whole time. 
If it is any relevant, this is a pre built PC that I bought (probably won't ever buy such thing again) with an RX580 4GB, Ryzen 5 1400 and 16GBs RAM. Any and all help is appreciated and again I'm sorry for the huge text. I thank you just for having the patience to read it all.
Also I don't know if this is the correct place for this question, but it seemed the most appropriate.