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Got blackscreens every few min with Vega 56 and games lose fps

Question asked by katusch on Feb 20, 2019
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I replaced my "Nvidia GTX 970" with a "Sapphire Radeon Vega 56 Pulse", but now I have 2 problems: 



I still use a TV (Sharp 40LE924E Aquos) as a monitor and every few minutes it switches to black for a few seconds and shows on which port I am in the corner, as if I would switch on and off briefly. This happens ingame as well as when I am just surfing the internet. Does he lose the signal? Why? I use the same HDMI cable as before. 



Now and then I play a very old game: Wolfenstein Enemy Territory, and now I have massive fps drops which I didn’t have before. I get something between 18 and 30 fps. Of course the lag it's so strong that you can not play anymore. 

Also PUBG is no longer as smooth as with the GTX 970. 

Titanfall 2, however, runs without problems. 


I ordered a Dell S2719DGF gaming monitor but I will still continue to use the TV as a monitor to surf, so I would like to solve at least problem Nr1.


My system:

Windows 10  64bit

Cpu: INTEL Core i5 4570 PC1150 6MB Cache 3,2GHz

Motherboard: ASRock H87 Pro4 1150 ATX

Ram: DIMM DDR3 Crucial 16GB / 1600Mhz Ballistix Sport [2x8GB] CL9 rt


Before i replaced my old gpu i uninstalled all old drivers and after i mounted the Vega i installed the latest driver ofc.

I rly hope someone can help.