Radeon VII Memory Clock Problems

Discussion created by b3astbynatur3 on Feb 18, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2019 by msimax

I've noticed that my memory clocks on my new Radeon VII are not hitting the default clocks of 1000mhz. It bounces between 350mhz and 800mhz. I've only noticed this because it did run at a consistent 1000mhz during a few benchmark runs (Shadow of The Tomb Raider) and I noticed the performance increase was quite big. After restarting my PC I can never get it to run at 1000mhz again. I've tinkered with Wattman (even if I set it to 1200mhz it still runs 350-800), I've raised volts, undervolted, increased power +20%, decreased power -20%, increased fan speed to 100%, lowered core clock, raised core clock, and every combination within thereof. I've flashed the new BIOS AMD released and I've also done a driver clean using both DDU and AMDcleanutility in safe mode and reinstalled the latest drivers fresh. I notice when I start the game Sea Of Thieves up the memory clock will go from 800mhz to 1000+mhz but only in the menu. I believe the issue may stem from fullscreen exclusive mode or freesyncHDR or something relative to that as both Shadow of the tomb raider and Sea of Thieves both have this feature. But even playing with those settings and even testing fullscreen vs borderless vs window doesn't give me the default results of a consistent 1000mhz on the memory. Do I need to RMA my card back to AMD? Please help. Thank you.