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Which threads are faster? (Ryzen 1600)

Question asked by technostyle on Feb 18, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2019 by technostyle

Hi there!

I'm using Ryzen 1600 CPU without overclocking it. 

If SMT is enabled (6/12 mode), I get 48 FPS at some places in CS:GO.

I can get 90-100 FPS at same places if I disable SMT. (Yes, just disable SMT and get huge performance gain on CS:GO! )


On the other hand, enabling SMT improves performance in AC: Origins. (Benchmark results: +60 FPS %84 of the time when SMT disabled, %92 when SMT enabled.)


So, how can I learn which threads are faster or slower? If I learn it, I can set CPU affinity for different games and don't have to disable and enable SMT from BIOS.

I believe that some threads are slower. Maybe I'm wrong, I dunno.


For example, format factory is a converter program and it can only use 1 thread for each track.

I have put 12 tracks for converting. (MP3 to MP3)

All 12 threads have finished the job at the same time. So, this method didn't work for finding faster threads.

(Damn it.  )