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Very high fluctuation on idle 2700x's clocks and temp

Question asked by vstrentin on Feb 18, 2019
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Is it normal for the 2700x clocks and temp to fluctuate A LOT idle?


I've been googling this for the past 4 days and found multiple reports on the temperature fluctuation but still don't know if this is intended behavior for the CPU, this is my first AMD build.


I have a 2700x + Wraith Prism mounted on a Biostar X470gtn, everything is stock, including the system power settings (Balanced, not Ryzen balanced), and this is what happens to the clocks+temps (See 1st attachment, MouseMovement-Balanced).


There's absolutely no program running, only Nvidia and keyboard/mouse drivers, and the ONLY THING I'm doing is moving the mouse sometimes to fiddle with Ryzen Master. Clocks jumps several times per second, temps fluctuate from 60-80C and EDC constantly reaches 99%. On task manager, CPU usage is below 3%.

Now, if I switch the power settings to Power Saving, this is what happens (See Power Saving attachment).

You can see the difference, completely stable, doing the exact same thing (moving the mouse only) temps drop by 20C, it stabilizes at around 46C after a while.

Under load however, things are the same and I think they're expected, EDC is always 99%, temps rise to 85~90 and clocks stop jumping all around, they stabilize much more.


Is this OK? Is my motherboard just trash at reporting stuff? Why is it so much cooler and more stable on Power Saving? Is Windows just terrible with this?


CPU is seated correctly with Kryonaut applied, and while temps are perfectly acceptable during power saving mode, I'm hesitant about the ones in balanced mode and under load. It's currently summer over here and room temp was around 29-30C when these pictures were taken.

This is my workstation and I need it to last me at least 3 years, I wanted to underclock it to preserve it longer but I have no idea how to do it safely, if anyone could link me a guide I'd appreciate!


If anyone also could tell me extra ways to preserve lifespan on the CPU, I'd love to know them, I have 0 intentions of ever overclocking, bought the unlocked version just because it was on sale 200 bucks cheaper than any other version of the CPU.


Sorry for the repeated question, I need some peace of mind on this, can't afford another PC.


Thank you.