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Vega - Sound via Displayport interrupted

Question asked by electric_delicate on Feb 18, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2019 by electric_delicate

Hi guys,


since my Motherboard upgrade I´ve got a serious problem ca. 1 month ago. Before I had none problems.

My Sound via Vega Displayport is crackling and full of some interruptions. That issue occurs with all newer driver expect the Windows release driver 17.7.1. First I thougth my card would be defect but the replacement from Sapphire have the same issue. Also the replacement of all my cables do not help.


And the best thing, I try to reproduce these issue with my older RX570 and the problems not occur anymore. Even no with the newest driver update so I have the problem only with the Vega´(s).


Can anybody help me, that´s weird!?