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Forza horizon 4 crashes on engine startup

Question asked by deblazz on Feb 18, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2019 by amdmatt

Hi I'm Deblazz (I'm not very good with english).

I recently bought Forza Horizon 4 and I downloaded it from the ms store, I couldn't even start the gameplay that the entire game crashes.

I start it from the icon, wait for the initial informations, then I say continue (even if I never got after the loading) then it starts to load and crashes to windows with a grey screen (The color of my w10 interface).

I tried with and without dynamic optimization and nothing changed.

I tried switching drivers from the latest available to the 18.9.3 but nothing.

I would really like to play this game, I remember I also had similiar problems with fh3 (after I switched to my gpu, before with my 750ti everything worked flawlessly).

FH4 is the only game that doesn't work.

i5 6400 (4.7ghz)

z170x-gaming g1 gigabyte

16gb ddr4 2133 hyperx fury

r9 fury X

aoc c24g1

Hope to find a solution asap,