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Radeon settings and driver versions do not match

Question asked by brockenflabel on Feb 17, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2020 by estiakahmed008

I recently purchased Acer Nitro 5 515-42-R5ED.  It comes with integrated vega 8 and RX560X video card.

I tried updating windows 10 and radeon drivers but had a couple problems.  One problem is drivers

won't properly install, second problem is memory leak during trying to play a game.

Radeon display utility doesn't show up.


I purchase game No Mans Sky(opengl), got only 3fps.  I found a no mans sky profile setting called tkgraphicsetting.

Inside it said it was using vega 8 integrated graphics?


I tried every solution on google, finally discovered a Windows 10 settting called Graphics Settings, where you can manually set which game.exe to force it to use the videocard.  After doing this it seemed to improve, getting

anywhere from 15 fps to 25fps.


Then windows 10 did a couple more updates.

kb4487044 security
kb4487038 adobe
kb4480979 adobe
kb4462930 adobe
kb4483452 .net  (problem?) frame rate went from 5 to 25fps


And frame rate dropped to 5fps.

I tried uninstalling kb in certain order and it worked.  Then they reinstalled themselves,  I uninstalled them one by

one using wushowhide.diagcab this time. but different order gave same result?


kb4487044 security (still slow after this uninstall)
kb4483452 .net (still slow after this uninstall)
kb4487038 adobe (still slow after this uninstall)
kb4462930 adobe (frame rate went from 5 to 25fps again)


All the while my graphics driver won't install properly either.


A) if i used auto detect drivers it always says "components are already installed."

 even if I have no AMD drivers at all on computer?

B)if I use the full adrenaline driver package install it says"

1603 error
no graphics driver is installed and the graphics driver is not
functioning properly. please install the graphics driver appropriate for your hardware."


I found something on google about [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\AMD\CN]

and they said just delete the version number.  After doing this I finally got Radeon utiltiy

to show up, but it won't save any profile and when I click on global settings in crashes to desktop.


One thing I noticed tho was that [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\AMD\CN]

value is 25.20.15017.1010

but in control set drivers are 23.20.826.12544

they don't match?


What did I do to resolve all this over last week now?

-used Windows update utility to get latest updates

-sfc scannow


-repair visual C++ libraries

-clean uninstall using AMD clean uninstaller.

-clean uninstall using DDU uninstaller.


-So what is going on?  why would the AMD drivers allow two different driver versions?

when I can get radeon driver utility to show up it says 17.7 display version

but when I go into windows apps, under AMD it says 19.2?


So I'm kinda confused now as to what the problem is

1)windows 10 memory conflict

2)radeon memory conflict

3)opengl memory conflict


***Recently I tried to get the No Mans Sky game profile in radeon to use

triple buffering and save it.  No when I play no mans sky its back down

to 5fps?  so its some kind of memory conflict somewhere?