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Need help with GPU, dont know if it is failing.

Question asked by uniform on Feb 17, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2019 by pokester

I apologize if this was already answered, I did not find a thread that was similar, maybe I got impatient. 


My question is, how do I tell my video card is going out or not? I have heard stress tests can cause damage to the video card and also heard they do not.


So I had just purchased a video card used, and it seemed to be working fine until I played the game it was intended for. The card meets minimum required but not recommended. (I know, it was all I could afford for the not so near foreseeable future.) I started receiving the following errors and don't know if the game is just over taxing the card and I would be fine playing if I can live with the errors, or if the card is failing.


1. Playing "DCS World Su-25" the game would flash black when using my joystick hat switch to look around. this is a Flight simulator, it would be like someone blinking their eyes, and crashed about 20 minutes into the game.
A. Changed all video settings in game to low. 
B. Adjusted my page filing from 1670MB and finally decided at 64000MB. A bit excessive, but the game is happier. {Increased RAM without changing Pagefile}
a. While adjusting page filing, two different settings caused the whole machine to crash in the game with a static screen, like tuning an old analog TV antenna to a channel with no broadcast signal. (I might have set to no page filing? Cant remember what the settings were.
*** This resulted in a stable playing environment without the black flashes or crashes, but introduced freezing and stuttering with my FPS dropping to 5 at times. I received one or two blue screens of death with the error "TDR FAILURE / atikmpag.sys.
A. Created the Registry key : Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\GraphicsDrivers TdrDelay and added a value of 15 although it was recommended for 8.
*** This cleared the stuttering, although at times in intervals of about 5-7 minutes the game will briefly freeze with maybe a 1 second drop in FPS to below 10. The game is running about 85% - 95% of the GPU, and does commonly reach 100%.


2. I tried playing another Video game another one that I meet minimum requirements but not recommended, "For Honor". This game was freezing a bit, but with changing the in game settings to low, it was fixed with acceptable graphics.


3. Playing videos I downloaded from the Interweb, I receive artifacts but I suspect the files I received are corrupted as the time bar in VLC player will not allow you to move and does not record total time. I do not receive the artifacts in any other video that displays properly in the VLC Player.


Windows 10 64bit
CPU: from Core2Duo > I-5
GPU: Radeon RX460 4GB

GPU Driver Packaging Version (Clean install)
RAM: 12 GB