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Monster Hunter World Err12

Question asked by gemuotakugaru on Feb 16, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2019 by pokester

So I am having a few issues: 

  • Crash at start of all quests in Monster Hunter World with ERR12 displayed
    • Attempted to lower Graphics quality twice, i tried to go from Highest to High, that didnt work so tried High to Medium, still did not work.  
    • Heard that this was a driver issue so tried both updating and rolling back my driver, neither attempt worked I still received this error
    • Then heard that I would need to change some settings in Radeon Wattman... I don't have Radeon Wattman
  • Searched to find Radeon Wattman, should be auto-installed for my GPU? 
  • Only software I have is AMD Radeon Settings and when I try to open the Gaming Tab of this it closes the software

I have: 

GPU: MSI Radeon Rx 480 8GB

CPU: AMD FX-8350

16GB RAM DDR3-I believe it is 2133



Radeon Software Versions: 19.2.2, Adrenalin 2019

AMD RX 480 Driver Version: 25.20.15021.1007

Windows 10 64-Bit


I really want to play my game, and it played fine on my old computer with an R9 270 AMD GPU at medium quality