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New Vega 56 artifacting and crashing

Question asked by ballastre on Feb 18, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2019 by yenon

Hello everyone, i have built a new pc with reference Vega 56 just a week ago, it started up smooth and problems started to appear after i tried playing games. I was playing Warframe when 10 minutes in the game screen began artifacting and then the video driver crashed. Artifacts looke like flickering TV static across all screen. Same problems was encountered in Dark Souls 3 and Resident Evil 2. I couldnt find the exact reason for crashing, it seems to appear in different games both when videocard is under heavy load and when i am just chilling in the main menu. Crashes happen with message "amdkdmap stopped responding and has successfully recovered" in the Windows event log.


I tried TdrDelay and TdrLevel fixes i found on the internet, but it didn't help. This problem appears on all videocard settings - stock balanced, turbo, power saving, and also custom settings with increased power load, undervolt and overvolt. I checked my CPU and RAM and they seem to be fine. My CPU and RAM hasn't been overclocked, they ran on the stock settings. I also tried installing different driver version, but it didn't help, although it seems to run more stable on latest version. Does someone now what can i do, or should i just return the card as it seems the only faulty component in my PC is the Vega itself?



CPU AMD Ryzen R5 2600x

MB Asus ROG Strix B450-i

RAM Kingston HyperX Fury HX426C16FB/16 one stick

PSU Thermltake ToughPower Grand RGB 850W gold plus

SSD Samsung 960EVO 512GB

OC Windows 10 Pro 64 with latest updates.


Thank you in advance.