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2600X Temps

Question asked by lttltoaster on Feb 17, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2019 by prodoctor1987

Hello all, first post and just a quick question. I just installed a 2600x into my system yesterday with the stock Wraith Spire cooler and it is running hotter than I am used to. During gaming it seems to hold in the mid 60's with spikes into the low 70's, if I run a stress test or benchmark it quickly spikes to 90+ and throttles. Cpu Voltage monitored in Ryzen Master hover around 1.4 at idle and gone as high as 1.475 during a Aida64 stress. Clock speeds seem to idle around 4ghz and I have seen as high as 4.3. The 60's and low 70's I see now during gaming are not a concern but I intend to play Anthem and from what I have read the game can be ******* CPU's. I am wondering if these are fairly normal operating temps, voltages and speeds for a non tweaked 2600x or if something seems amiss? All fans are set to performance profiles and the are running 2000+ cpu and 1000+ case when it starts to get hot.


Asrock B450K Fatality

AMD 2600x (Spire Cooler)

16GB 3000Mhz RAM

RTX 2060



3 120MM Case Fans (2 intake, 1 exhaust)

650W 80+ Power Suppply