Testing 19.2.2 (2600 + RX 580)

Discussion created by mittwaffen on Feb 15, 2019
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Recently went from an RX 470 to RX 580 uninstalled drivers from AMDs tool, caused strange artifacts randomly; thought the new card was dying.  Couldnt be the case brand new Nitro rx 580; Drivers were fault, tried 18.12.3 worked okay for a short bit but began again. 


I believe the 19.2.2 driver need to be installed on a purged driver baseline using DDU to prevent issues downgrading aswell. 


Used DDU twice to purge all AMD drivers 

Display Driver Uninstaller Download version 


Reinstalled 19.2.2 - Issues seem fixed!

RX 580 -   61c @100%load and  1500 rpm fan. 

1490 Core / 1300 Memory /  Timing Level 2 / 1200mV 


Heaven - 3hrs (Ultra - Tess to max everything) - Stable zero artifacting and flashing like before. A+
Squad - A+

Runs like butter, great performance vs the 470.
Rising Storm 2 vietnam - A+

Butter smooth zero issues.

Resident Evil 2 - A++
Runs almost as good as my 1070. 

Running 2600 @ 4.215Ghz, system seems to be stable enough now.

Currently testing for 1+ hour time and will report back. 

World of Warcraft 


Company of Heros