Discussion created by ioannis on Feb 15, 2019

Hello AMD,


I have noticed the following bug in latest 19.Q1 pro drivers.


When the system powers down the monitor (after 10 minutes of inactivity in my case) i get system crash, and i cannot get back to to receive any image from the monitor. I need to reset the machine and when i boot back to windows desktop i get the message 'radeon wattman settings has been restored to default values due to unexpected system failure'.

If i force to sleep the pc there seems to be no problem getting back to normal, the problem only happens if windows switch off the monitor by itself as in the standard power & sleep windows power settings.

The system has been running for quite some time without this problem, this problem appeared after i installed 19.Q1 drivers. I remember long time in the past when i had my 290x's there was a similar issue in many systems with ULPS, sleep mode seems something similar has resurfaced with latest windows and amd pro driver combination.


system specs

msi X99S Xpower

intel i7 5930k


Radeon vega frontier edition

windows 10 64 bit all latest updates

radeon pro driver 19.Q1 standard installation with no driver options feature install

1 x 27 Benq monitor connected via display port cable and 1x sony tv via hdmi cable (working independently either one or the other)