Accessing AMD Settings

Discussion created by karmakas on Feb 15, 2019
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I just got a new graphics card, R5230-SL-2GD3-L, and attempting to install the drivers either doesn't work or causes a BSOD. Seems like a difficult problem to solve, so here's a simpler one.


How do I open up the sofware for graphics settings without having the appropriate driver? It keeps giving me an error that I need the right one.


I let Windows install the driver on its own, and it succeeded (AMD Radeon HD 7400 Series driver), and my display is working perfectly fine. But the screen is blurry. Before this graphics card, I used HD7750 1GBD5-DH, and whenever I reinstalled the display driver, the screen would get blurry in the exact same way. I was always able to fix this, either by changing the aspect ratio on my remote, or fixing scaling or overscan using software (Hydravision, Catalyst Control Center, AMD Radeon Settings). The first method failed, so now I'm just trying to use AMD's software to fix it. But it refuses to start because of a functioning driver. I'm using a TV as a monitor via a HDMI port.


Accessing display settings should be simple, why is it such a problem?