thread stack in device driver on new RX580 8Gb

Discussion created by conormacretyt on Feb 14, 2019
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Good afternoon. My system is FX4100/ MSI 870S-C45(FX)/ 8Gb/ Gigabyte RX580gaming-8Gb / 500Gb + SSD 120Gb, 650w power supply(windows 10 64bit).When you start the computer, the video card starts to make noise and an error POPs up on the blue screen of the thread stack in device driver. Then there is a reboot and enters the system, the latest drivers from the site AMD, the manufacturer of the graphics card Gigabytes. Driver reinstalled did not help . And today except this error, there was a new-a black screen , but the monitor showed the label therefore business in the video card.When you turn on the computer before the error, it starts to make a lot of noise and then most often this error appears. Externally, the video card is externally serviceable and works stably in games. I do not want to take the video card and buy Nvidia. Help me, what should I do ?

A file with the report wizard AMD attached