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Can't create account on amd rewards

Question asked by bigeyez19 on Feb 14, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2019 by cpu999

Just purchased and RX 570 and I received my coupon code for the 2 games but can't create an account on the AMD Rewards page.


I  first entered my email and phone number and the website said it was sending a confirmation to my email but I got a text on my phone instead. The code on my phone didn't work. Never got an email even after hitting resend email.


I then tried to make an account without a phone number and that got the email sent to me but now it's asking for my phone number to speed up the 24 hour verification. I type my phone number and hit submit but nothing happens. That was 2 days ago and it still just says I need to put in my phone number to speed up the 24 hour verification but doesn't work.


I put in a support ticket 2 days ago when I ran into this problem and still haven't received a response. Kind of at a loss as to what to do since nothing on that website seems to work properly.