Primary/Discrete GPU

Discussion created by mal on Feb 14, 2019
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After updating windows 10, I noticed very low fps and input lag (we're talking under 10 fps), when I usually get 120+.

I opened the ReLive software just to notice that my GPU, set itself to "Primary/Discrete", this was not even mentioned before, it just said: Hardware AMD Radeon R9 390 Series.


I am running an MSI H97 gaming 3 motherboard, and an i5 4460 which I believe is considered by my system as the main graphics chip (the problem?).I also monitored the usage of the GPU during a game using Wattman, the GPU clock speed, did not go over 400 mhz, and the activity was fluctuating between 0 and 100%.


Any ways to fix this? Thank you for your help already.