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adrenaline strobing monitor radeon 480

Question asked by petesmom on Feb 13, 2019

AMD A-10 7800 Radeon R7 12 compute cores 4C + 8G 3.50 GHz




64 bit windows and 64 bit based processor


Over winter break my college freshman son installed what I think was the Adrenaline 2019 software driver update for our Radeon 480 graphics card. After he installed it, our PC monitor, a Visio DTV, began "strobing" while trying to run the chrome browser to watch Netflix.


We had my son revert the driver to the previous version. However, now we have to continually re-set the monitor size in the graphic interface for the card. It's a pain.


I was hoping that you folks had updated your device driver again since then and it would be safe for me to install an update. But it looks like you have not. Furthermore, I am guessing you guys will tell me that I need to uninstall the current driver and do a fresh install of the current driver on this PC. Unfortunately, I'm the Mom. I don't think I can do that without help. I think something is likely to go wrong that I cannot track to fix.


I am currently the most computer literate person in the household. Dad cannot fix this.


Can I have some help?


Pete's Mom