HEVC Video Decode with RX580 (Polaris 20)

Discussion created by inu5bon3 on Feb 13, 2019

Hello I have now tried a hole day to fix this issue but i still dont have an solution or Answer.


I have a 5k HEVC Encoded Video that i want to watch via VR. I tried cupple CR Player but all let the CPU (i5-7600K) encode the video witch makes it 100% and doesnt run smooth.

After several testing with various codec methods i noticed that this HEVC video is not encoded by the GPU at all.

my question is why does the RX580 not do his job? I allready installed / Deinstalled the AMD Adrenaline Driver updated everything but this HEVC video is till not "Decoded" by the GPU.


i also found out that aparently it is not even able to decode HEVC, is that true?