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My Ryzen 7 1800x won't seat properly on motherboard

Question asked by pathfinder on Feb 12, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2019 by elstaci

I was having a heat issue with my pc, it turned off automatically when the processor was getting to hot. I realized that my liquid cooler ( with 3 fans to keep the radiator cool) was clogged with hair and dirt, ( have many animals inside). Once I cleaned everything very thoroughly I turned the pc back on and the auto shut happened again due to heat. This cooler has always keep my processor in the 30ish Celsius. I then went to clean and reapply thermal paste, good stuff. had a hard time finding fitting the processor into the socket, but eventually got it. This time the on/off button would not start the pc, nothing would happen. I then reset all components into their slots. Nothing, then removed the water cooled connection to the processor. When I pulled it out the processor came with it, and now the processor won't stay in place, after I place it in and put down the little silver bar to secure it properly. Did I break the lock in place device and if so can I leave it "in the secure position" and attach the cooler to it and tighten it down, or is it going to not seat properly with being secure first? Could this cause the power button to not work? Thank you, Pul