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Resolution changes without initiation

Question asked by norbie on Feb 12, 2019

Hi, I've been fighting this issue for quite some time, among other issues.

Hardware summary:

Gigabyte Motherboard (Gaming Version)

8 core AMD 8350 FX

32 Giga Byte DDR 3 Ram

HDD 2TB + 1TB and 250GB SSD

Triple Monitor (Acer G246L 144Hz Verical Refresh)

Radeon R9 390X (8GB)

Fanatec CSW V2.0 Wheel with pedals 

Fanatec Shifter

Fanatec Handbrake

Leo Bodnar Button Box with 32 button support.

Some Audio stuff

OS Windows 10 Pro 64bit

This  Computer is only for fun e.g. pure Gaming machine, no other personal use!


The Problem:

Each of the described monitor can have a maximum resolution 1920 x 1080.

In triple monitor configuration this will ad up to 5670 x 1080, right?

Windows will show the resolution in single monitor config, correctly e.g. 1920 x 1080

I use Eyefinity to configure the screens to triple and go through the process using the Radeon settings panel.

It goes in the usual manner (not indicating what it is doing, alright) configures the screens etc. and of course screws it royally. Windows reports 5760 x 1080 correctly!! Now I want to compensate for the bezel width...

Using the advanced setup using the radeon settings panel, I adjust the bezel and complete by applying the new setting.

Well, as I go back to the Windows Desktop, something changed?

The Desktop resolution is now somewhere, who knows what?

As of this writing, I have 6336 x 1080, which I assume is a virtual resolution, but I don't have virtual set to on. I would expect the maximal resolution my monitors can support.

This behavior, creates a slew of problems.

1. Remember I did bezel adjustments, but relating to the higher resolution (virtual)

2. If I force the native resolution (5760 x 1080) and repeat the bezel adjustment, it falls right back to the BS setting.

3. If I force the game to run in 5760 x 1080 my bezel is out of whack, things are double or out of place.

4. If I use the Radeon insisting resolution, some of the Game displays ( settings, start up / selection screens etc) are out of whack. 

5. Not related or is it?, my monitors can do 144 Hz and I do have the appropriate hardware, but are locked to 60 Hz Vertical refresh, no way to change this, nowhere with current software. This is ongoing since the update after version 18.5.1. The before mentioned version was able to sync at 144 Hz on all three monitors.

Here we are several versions later and it still acts like it doesn't know how to handle certain issues!!!!


The question:

Is there a way to lock the correct resolution

(I started to accept the fact that there is no 144 Hz anymore) I watched the Video on Enhanced Sync and it became somewhat apparent that AMD has no intentions to fix this.

e.g. 5760 x 1080 and prevent this piece of art to change randomly what I painstakingly set up and may have to do without the proper results, over and over again, since the Radeon software loses my triple screen setting at random, while restarting the computer after a few hours / days. 

It is very agonizing to do these things over and over, because the era of this hi tech computer age, cause us to spend more time with setting up then we actually use our computer.

I guess in a few more years, we probably don't even switch our computer on, because a physical board game is much more reliable.


Thank you AMD for this very nice piece of art!