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R9 290X

Question asked by jeenslyn on Feb 13, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2019 by jeenslyn

First question: why does my 290x asus say its only 3gb and not 4 as when i look on the internet?

2nd question: i installed 19.1.1 as recommended, it totally made my pc crash, brown screen of death and stuff like that.

then i figured out it was the driver, had to reroll my pc to when it actually worked. then it worked again but not i get fps drop in every game i play??

i upgraded the driver to 19.2.1 but it didn't help

3rd question: why did u roll out adranelina or whatever if it doesnt work? you really bad at the driver thingy

im so close to chosing nvidia and never look back even though i have a full pc of AMD



i deleted this amd software from program and settings in windows control center.

gave me error 1605 or something and i still had the program after i rebooted, but now its 19.1.1 am i a joke to you or something? how do i remove the driver manually since its stuck somewhere. you suck at coding