R9 280X MSI TwinFrozr - WattMan restored problem

Discussion created by skenderbeg97 on Feb 12, 2019

Hi guys. I have a problem with this graphic card. When i set any high settings to card in any game i just have frezze when i need to do force restart,then i dont have my image on desktop and notification that my Radeon Wattman are restored to te default. 

When I play that games on medium settings ( what a half of this card can do, even a lot cheaper cards can ) its  ok, but i dont want to have card like this to play like i have GTX750. Or maybe even lower.

I tried a lot of new drivers, its same. I tried putting CPU to Eco mode, power options to Power  Saver, tried adding 5-20% more power com. to the card from the Radeon settings and its every time the same. 20 mins of game on high settings and there it goes, same again. 

Do anyone know what this problem is? Is it about chip? Or what? What is solution?