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I'm considering updating the driver for my Radeon R9 270. Worried!

Question asked by joez on Feb 10, 2019
Latest reply on May 6, 2019 by pokester

I'm considering updating the driver for my Radeon R9 270 on my Dell XPX (from 2014). I'm worried about doing this. Is there a risk it will not work and I'll be stuck with a black screen? Years ago- updating drivers was always very risky so I've learned to not rush into it. My video card on this computer is working just fine with a few exceptions. I recently installed a video editing program, Cyberlink PowerDirector 17. It came with another smaller program, Cyberlink Screen Recorder 2. That program won't run. It crashes all the time. I asked tech support at  Cyberlink and they suggested updating my video card.


So, should I not be worried about the update? Any chance it will mess up my system?


Oh- one other less important problem is another program, Lizard Tech GeoViewer which allows viewing ultra compressed aerial photograpy for GIS purposes. When I load a "Mr. Sid" file into that program- the program has the following message:


"DirectX is not available.
This application is unable to initialize the DirectX system, which is required for 3D visualization.
DirectX is not installed or is an older, unsupported version. The application will continue to run, but 3D visualization will be disabled.
The latest runtime libraries may be installed directly from the web:"


Does my lack of DirectX have anything to do with my out of date video card driver? Is there any risk in installing those runtime libraries? No conflict with my Radeon graphic card and its driver.