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AMD Display Driver Issue

Question asked by alphalee64 on Feb 10, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2019 by kingfish

Hi, I currently have an issue with my display/graphics driver (specs below) and just couldnt get AMD drivers to install. I recently for some reason lost the catalyst control center that was originally there when the computer was bought (a long time ago) and i tried to reinstall the driver. I used DDU for uninstalling the driver and then downloading it from amd website , but the installer finished installing and it shows no sign of the display driver,it just has the hdmi audio thingy. Windows updates has an error and cannot be used for some reason so i couldnt even try to update windows even if i needed to.


System Specs:

Toshiba L850 Laptop

CPU ; intel core i5 3210m

gpu ; AMD radeon hd 7600m / 7670m series (it shows 7600m when the driver is still there but in amd's site says 7670m)

ram ; 8gb

windows 7 ultimate


I hope this can be fixed asap as i need to use it for gaming and all sort of stuf soon. Thanks for reviewing!