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PC takes a while to start.

Question asked by sonicswifty on Feb 10, 2019


Whenever I turn on my computer, there's a black screen and the VGA debug LED on my motherboard is on (MSI B450 Tomahawk). After a minute or so, my pc bios shows up and then boots up as normal. It's boot up is delayed. I do have a custom UEFI Boot logo using HackBGRT; I'm not sure if that's the problem.


My specs:

Ryzen 2600x

PowerColor RX580 Red Dragon V2 8GB

Dual Monitors

Windows 10 Home

PS/2 Keyboard

USB Mouse

MSI B450 Tomahawk


I don't really know if its a problem with the Motherboard, BIOS, GPU, GPU Driver, PSU or something else.


Many thanks in advance,

Max Taylor

Swifty Productions.