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GPU stopped being detected

Question asked by mickk4224 on Feb 9, 2019
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I own a Radeon R9 390

My PSU is 650W


I got black screen on both my monitor, but the sound was still on. Rebooted and everything worked fine.
I got another black screen on both my monitors today, but now it won't come back. I can only use my PC through the motherboard's HDMI. 
The GPU fans and lights are working, but it cannot be detected.


1. I tried to remove the GPU and put in back on, didn't work. I did the same with the power supply inputs. The pins seem totally fine and there is no sign of dammage, except that the GPU might be a little loose, but I doubt that that is the problem. 

2. I tried desinstalling the drivers and reinstalling them, but I can't reinstall them because "AMD graphic hardware was not found". 
3. I looked in my BIOS and set it to PCIE on boot, but it did not work. The GPU doesn't show up in the BIOS browser. 


I don't have any other PC in which I could put my GPU to test it. I also don't have another GPU I could put in my motherboard's pins. 

I don't know what to do. Is my only option to send the GPU back for repair? I don't even know if it's broken. 

Thank you for your help.