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Monitor refresh rate overclocking causes sound problem

Question asked by fidocampeao on Feb 9, 2019

I've just switched my old GTX 660 for a RX 570 4GB and I'm having a problem with overclocking my monitor.


With the geforce, I was overclocking my AOC I2369VM FullHD monitor from 60Hz to 75Hz with no issue, using nvidia monitor to set the custom refresh rate.

I use a DVI-HDMI Adapter attached to my VGA to connect my monitor thru an HDMI cable, both video and audio, as I always did.

Even when overclocking, I never had any trouble.


Now, with the radeon, everything works perfect when I set the refresh rate to the default (60Hz), but when I set the overclocked refresh rate on my display, the audio becomes erractic, basically just noise, although it resembles the original sound (something like the sound is so distorted, it became noise, but not just some random noise).


I don't know what to do, and I don't think it's the monitor's fault, because it works properly when connected to the geforce, only problematic connected to the radeon. I can't change my monitor now and not fixing this would be a huge setback.


Thanks in advance.