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Blinking artefacts on the screen in Assassin's creed Odyssey - RX580 8 Gb

Question asked by deployer on Feb 8, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2019 by deployer

Intel Core i5 2500 / 16 Gb DDR3 RAM / Radeon RX 580 Sapphire Nitro+ PCI-E 8192Mb (11265-21-20G) / Win 10


I played about 90 hours with no issues. Then the patch 1.1.2 from Ubisoft was released and the issue appeared.

There are blinking artefacts on the screen during the gameplay. Espessially if I look to far around. I changed all graphics settings as in the game as in the radeon settings but the issue still persists. I tried several versions of drivers - 18.11.1,18.11.2, 18.12.2, 18.12.3, 19.1.2, now installed 19.2.1. 


You can say that my Radeon is broken, but all other games run just perfectly - Assassin's creed: Origins, Far Cry 3,4,5,

Kingdom come: Deliverance, Final Fantasy 15 and others.


Then I re-install Windows 10 to a very new SSD and run Assassin's creed Odissey with default Radeon drivers - version 17.1  The issue was gone. But it run with very poor FPS perfomance. So - can't play anyway.


You can see how the issue looks like by the link below. It's not mine recording but it looks very same.


Please, help!