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Vega 64 random misbehaviour

Question asked by epamiz on Feb 7, 2019

Dear community,


I have recently bought a sapphire vega 64 nitro+ and I am experiencing issues on many different driver versions.


For starters most of the issues seem to be related with windows booting up.


Sometimes it will take longer to boot, or the system will boot into a black screen.


Other times after successfully booting into windows, I experience stutter and lag in windows animations followed by an "opengl context for format qsurface".


Occasionally I get a BSOD after boot pointing to video scheduler issue.


After many restarts the system may boot successfully, with no issues. However, am I still having issues with games crashing to desktop (Witcher 3).


I have reinstalled Windows and the above issues persist. I have tried uninstalling the drivers through safe mode (DDU)  and reinstalling again with no success. I have tried, I believe, all of the 18.xx and 19.xx available drivers.


I have no programs like msi's afterburner or trixx, installed.


My rig:


Cpu: Intel i5 4690k (no oc)
Mobo: Gigabyte z97x gaming 5
Psu: corsair rm750x
Os: Win 10 pro 64


Can you help me resolve the issue? Is the card faulty? I have used the same system with a R9 270 with no issues whatsoever.


Thank you for your time.