Requesting a RADEON VII sample to create some content around.

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Radeon VII
Hi all, I've been hard at work over the past couple of years perfecting a few skills I thought id need to make a success on YouTube i.e. Image & Video editing system optimization etc.
YouTube wise I feel a have a good idea of what I need to do to grow my channel & succeed, the only thing lacking is real content at present I'm currently stuck testing or retesting Game at or around there release and whilst fun, this is not what I wanted to be doing on YouTube I have a far more creative side than I'm able to show right now.
Content planned for the Card would start with an Unboxing like my previous Vega Card I would like to get out go to local spot in my area called the Wrekin its around a over mile hike strait up lol.
The views from there are out of this world and that's where I would be getting the shot to include in the Unboxing Video.
I would then move on to create and epic Benchmarking video showing the cards performance in a number of new titles @4K @1440p. I will ask the community for input in to what Game to will include in the content.
Over the next two weeks I will be transferring my 2700X build into a new chassis, Ryzen 2700X get a new Home, so the Card will be included in that content to the case ill be going for is the PC -011 from Lian-Li, I haven't decided on the colour just yet.
With the sub count I currently have its near impossible to get any venders to even listen to me let alone take a good luck at what I might be able to offer then in return for the support.
I will include a full breakdown from my YouTube stats page of my Current views I get far more Views on my channel than people might think.
Id say over the past 2 year I have spend in the region of £4000 on My two Ryzen system my D3400 camera lighting etc, so I'm all set to go I just need one company to look past the lack of subs to maybe help grow.
I feel with my passion and drive I could offer something special to the community given the chance, but that's just it right now its near impossible to get that chance.
I would like to also apologise to anyone that this annoys, as I said its hard to get heard, I thought at least way I could get some sort of a reply.
I would like end by saying I'm not asking for anything for free as the work I plan doing will take hours upon hours and to help the community in return for support I would like to pay forward my SAPPHIRE Nitro+ Vega 64 to someone in the community.
*They would have to be living in the EU due to the postage cost of sending it anywhere further*
Thank you for taking the time to read this, again I apologise if I have upset anyone.
Mr Gareth Humphries.
BuGGzLoVeR's Tech.
(YouTube channel link & stats below)