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Screen blank inside programme

Question asked by maclighter on Feb 6, 2019

AMD Radeon Pro WX5100 latest Enterprise driver 18.Q4.1

Windows 10 latest build 64bit


Intel i7-8700K standard speed

Custom PC


When opening Photoshop CS6 i get the programme window nad controls, but images do not appear.

When opening DIALux Evo 8.1 I get the programme window but the project image (3D graphic) does not show.

Tried Enterprise and alternate drivers. Tried re-install of both softwares. Tried many image and project files. Other 3D modelling and image file software seem to work.


In the images both software show the file is loaded, either by calculation results or layer images. But the files do not show in the centre window in each case. Changing viewpoint or zoom makes no difference.

Any ideas?