AMD Driver error

Discussion created by zagurski on Feb 6, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2019 by kingfish

My girlfriend has a notebook running on a A12 CPU and a RX540 GPU, and she tried to update to the newest driver for her GPU (19.2.1) but when she tried to do that an error shows up "loadlibrary error 1114" and when she opened the amd settings after the error it showed that the driver installed was the 17.5 and her GPU was an R7 model not the RX 540 that she has, we uninstalled the driver with DDU and downloaded the drivers again, in the process the same error ocurred and we open the AMD Settings and the driver that showed was the 17.1.1 and again her GPU showed up as an R7 Series, we tried a lot of things but nothing seems to work, can someone explain what we have to do to fix this error? (sorry for the english, im from brazil and never tried it)