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RX550 crashing in Premiere and Lightworks

Question asked by drryll on Feb 4, 2019

Issue Description
When I attempt to open editing programs specifically Adobe Premiere and Lightworks they will crash immediately. Lightworks crashed and I get an error message through Windows that my display drivers have crashed, when I try to load Adobe it crashes and I get an error saying Adobe couldn't find any video modules. I can run Skyrim, Fallout4, Borderlands 2, Civ6, Sims4 etc all day without issue it's only with editing software that it crashes.


AMD FX-8350
16GB Kingston HyperX RAM 
ASUS M5A7 mobo
Corsair 750W PSU



Lightworks 14.5 and Premiere CC 2015 crash while running Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit and Radeon 19.1.1 drivers.