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VSR ignoring Wattman voltage settings

Question asked by escapppe on Feb 5, 2019
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i have a problem using virtuel super resolution (VSR) with my undervolted ASUS Strix Vega 64. As soon as a resolution provided by VSR is used the voltage settings on Wattman are ignored. This does not, like people on the web try to explain, result from higher demand on the GPU or some sort of dynamic voltage scaling.


I tested the same resolution that VSR provides with the custom resolution utility (CRU) to be sure. My testing was made on following parameters: P7 - 1562mHz - 1000mV // Divinity Sin 2 (identical savegame)


My results have been:


As you can see: native resolution and the downsampled resolution from CRU behave nearly the same. The downsampled resolution with VSR ignored the voltage settings on P7 that resultat in higher watt consumption and higher temperatures therefor lower frames per second.


Is this a known bug AMD is working on?