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Rysen 2400G cannot activate refresh rate to 120 Hz

Question asked by ntu682 on Feb 5, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2020 by ntu682

Dear Support,


I'v a little problem with the refresh rate of my screen. It's blocked to 60 Hz on windows 10

with latest drivers


I've an 120 Hz monitor : SAMSUNG 2233RZ 120 through dual DVI rate


Unfortunately and sadly the DVI mode is limited to 60 Hz with 2400 G :/


So I bought a DVI to HDMI 4k adapter but the drivers or i don't know continue to block to

60 Hz because the drivers of the samsung 2233 rz said it is a DVI monitor i thought ??


So ii's blocked to 60 Hz and i'm unable to create a custom profile with 120 Hz because

the AMD drivers say my screen is not compatible for that...


How I can access to 120 Hz with the hdmi adapter? An idea? Maybe i must to fake to monitor to be



Thank to answer.